Race format

The car is made for sprint races as well as endurance races, up to 24H. The Dutch format will be sprint and semi endurance. 2 practise sessions and 2-3 races, all in one day. Total about 3 hours driving. 7 racing events a year, plus training and sponsor days.


Zandvoort (NL), Zolder (B), Assen (NL), Oschersleben (D), Spa-Francorchamps (B). (training). Possibly Dubai 24H in Januari 2009. European organisers are welcome.

Which drivers

The V8 series is for experienced drivers only (age 30+). No young talents that may still go to F1. It is a high level class for non professionals where racing pleasure is the main goal. There is a participation commission.


Chassis:                American style steel spaceframe. Proven strength and safety. Enormous durability.

Function:               Fully made to DNRT specs for European road tracks.

Suspension:          Intrax 4616 Titan 1K2 shocks and springs.

Size:                        5,30 m long 2.03 m wide and 1.23 m high.

Engine:                    6.0L aluminium LS2 Corvette engine. With dry sump and fuel injection.

HP:                            450 at 6500 Rpm, Nm: 550.

Gearbox:                  4 speed manual dog box.

Back end:                  Aluminium quick change with locker.

Body:                          ABC fiber glass late model.

Wheels:                      10J X 15J, wide 5 hubbs.

Tires:                           Hoosier slicks.

Ground clearance:   80mm

Brakes:                       Willwood 6 pot front, 4 pot rear.

Weight:                       1050kg

Topspeed:                  Approx. 330 kmh.

The car is suitable for sprint races and endurance races.