Ride height adjustable lowering springs and improved shock absorbers improve the road handling of the popular VW Scirocco from 2008 onwards.

Particularly with these cars there is a massive gain to be made compared to the standard suspension, often more then with the “supercars”. On the front, the Scirocco uses Mc-Pherson struts with a thin 22mm rod which is loaded with the braking and cornering forces. Intrax replaces this with a hollow “upside-down” strut with a hollow rod of no less then 40mm. This improves stiffness by almost a factor ten, dramatically improving both comfort and steering behaviour. The shock absorbers are replaced by units with an adjustable damping, enabling everybody to find a setting to suit him.

The rear shocks standard have no compression damping (only rebound). This helps comfort but does not improve the handling. Intrax replaces them by adjustable units which improve the road handling. In addition, comfort is increased thanks to a damping mechanism specifically designed for the Volkswagen Scirocco and the European roads.

The springs are shorter improving the looks and lowering the centre of gravity and roll centre.  Both front and rear ride height is adjustable by winding the spring seat to the desired height, so you can choose the perfect compromise between looks, road holding and ground clearance.

Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end suspension technology with over 30 years experience at the highest levels in racing.  Intrax designs and produces shock absorbers, springs and suspension packages for Formula 1 cars, road cars and everything in between. In addition to an elaborate street- and competition program, Intrax also delivers “custom-made solutions”. Please inform at us what we can mean for you.

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