Black Titan

Black Titan is a development originating from military aviation. They aimed to develop a metal treatment that would make the surfaces of jet engine parts more resistant to the various punishing circumstances to which those engines are exposed (extreme cold and heat, extreme airflow speeds combined with rain, snow, sand et cetera). The result was what we now call Black Titan: a coating that is extremely hard, has very low friction and protects against corrosion. After applying this coating on critical components of the jet turbine engines, the maintenance intervals could be extended with up to 100%, or twice as long.

We at Intrax saw the advantages of this material and started applying this wear-resistant coating to the guide and piston rods of our shock absorbers. Black Titan makes them very resistant to corrosion and damage from road dirt, and friction is greatly reduced, which not only improves the functioning and responsiveness of the dampers, but also increases durability.