Air Jacks

Air jacks are a very easy way to lift the wheels of the car off the ground. Use the Intrax lance to pump air into the air jacks and the car will lift itself up. Ready for some fast maintenance or changing the wheels.

The Intrax carjacks are custom made and can be adjusted to any desired length. We are the first company to have built air jacks for a NASCAR car. This car needed a 400mm lift.

The usual ‘in tube assembly’ is also available for the Intrax air jacks. In addition, Intrax offers the possibility to enable assembly on to the chassis with brackets and 4 bolts.

We have different diameters air jacks for different car models.

If the car needs to be lifted higher for large-scale maintenance, Intrax offers so-called ‘elephant feet’. Elephant feet are the ‘legs’ that provide stable support for the air jacks, so the car can be lifted up even higher.

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