Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality suspension technology with more than 40 years of intensive experience at the highest level of several motorsport disciplines. Intrax designs and manufactures shock absorbers, suspensions and wheels for Formula 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. All shock absorbers of Intrax are tailor made, as each set is designed based on the specifications of the car and the wishes of the driver, so truly a ‘custom build’.


Henk Thuis (founder of WP suspension and Intrax supension) designed a suspension and shock absorbers which brought him several world championships in various disciplines in motocross, motorcycle road racing, enduro, mountain bikes and various Formula classes, such as F3000 and Formula 1. Henk himself is an active driver. In 2008, he became champion in the ‘Dutch Supercar Challenge’ with a Porsche 997 GT3, equipped with the ‘Black Titan 4-Way’ shock absorbers.

Toward the end of his White Power Suspensions era, Henk became increasingly interested in and passionate about car chassis. His involvement in the F1 world championships of Benetton and Michael Schumacher, combined with the car racing Henk still took part in at that time, made him decide to start up a new business that would focus on ‘high-end’ car chassis technology. This marked the beginning of ‘Intrax Racing’.


Henk Thuis handed over the key to the current owners in November 2015: Niek van Sambeek, Donald Molenaar, Claudette Sommers and Marcel van Vliet. They share Henk’s passion for motorsport.

Niek van Sambeek has been working at Intrax as an engineer since 2007. Niek is responsible for technology and new developments within Intrax. Niek has won several championships as a suspension engineer with national and European teams.

Donald Molenaar has been working at Intrax since 2013 and started in the Sales department. Due to his years of experience as a racing driver, he was often used for test work on the track. He is responsible for marketing/sales and track support. Donald has 9 championships to his name as a racing driver.

Claudette Sommers, together with Henk Thuis, has put the Intrax brand on the market from the start, May 1, 1994. She is now responsible for purchasing, finance and planning. Claudette organized, among other things, the Suzuki Swift Cup and has a lot of track experience.

Marcel van Vliet is an investor and made the purchase of Intrax possible in 2015. He has raced a lot and was therefore familiar with Intrax for years. Marcel van Vliet took part in the Dakar 10 times, with car and truck. And made it to the podium.

Not only Niek, Donald, Claudette and Marcel have a background in the motorsport world. All Intrax employees have a motorsport DNA. And can regularly be found on or next to the race track.


After more than 40 years of intensive development, a wide range has been developed from shock absorbers, height-adjustable coilovers, adjustable shock absorbers to complete car chassis. Shock absorbers can of course also be mounted at Intrax. Then the car is also directly aligned and weighed on the basis of the extensive motorsport experience.

Intrax shock absorbers are also used in industry, for example in crane cabins, chimneys, internal transport and for nautical purposes.


A special department of Intrax builds complete street, trackday, race and rally cars for every budget and at every level on customer order. Intrax supports, runs and coordinates various race car “cups”, off-road races, solar races, autocross competitions, oval races, etc. All this of course in addition to developing shock absorbers for street cars, industrial purposes, quads, motorcycles, vintage cars, trucks and even roller coasters.


We have lowering springs available from stock for almost every car. The use of lowering springs gives a car a sportier road holding and appearance. In addition to our standard lowering springs, we also make custom springs and even private label.

We do not only have lowering springs available from stock. We also have the largest stock of coil over springs  in Europe. More info about our springs.


What is unique about Intrax Suspension Technology is that shock absorbers, springs and chassis are custom made. As a result, they fit perfectly with the car, use and driving style. In addition, Intrax products can always be adjusted and “upgraded”. An investment in Intrax components is therefore always the right decision.

Curious? Take a look at Intrax in Oss. Take a test drive with one of the Intrax experts and pass on your wishes to our suspension engineers. Then we provide shock absorbers that 100% meet your needs. No time? Call: (+31) 0413 – 272 997 or mail to Or use our contact form.