• Custom shock absorbers

    No ready-made products in stock, but raw materials. Shocks are built when the specifications and wishes of the customer are known.

  • Service and quality

    Every shock absorber is dyno tested after production/overhaul/ repair to ensure quality. All data is being stored in the name of the customer and unique shock absorber number so the complete history can be found for any questions or service.

  • Perfection in every detail

    Every shock absorber is calculated and built completely according to the wishes, customer and specification.


Intrax specializes in  shock absorbers for motorsport enthusiasts in all disciplines.


At Intrax we can develop shock absorbers for industrial purposes in the broadest sence imaginable.

Other purposes

We  also develop shock absorbers for boats, trucks, carriages, roller coasters and more.



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Custom build

Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality suspension technology with alsmost 50 years of intensive experience at the highest level of several motorsport disciplines. Intrax designs and manufactures shock absorbers and suspensions for Formula 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. All shock absorbers of Intrax are tailor made, as each set is designed based on the specifications of the car and the wishes of the driver, so truly a ‘custom build’

PAL-V: the world’s first flying car!

PAL-V: the world”s first flying car! Intrax is proud to be an official partner of the Pal-V, the flying car. From the beginning, Intrax has been involved in the development of the shock absorbers for this revolutionary car, full of original solutions for difficult problems. The landing gear has been developed and tested and meets …

Mazda MX-5 Cup

The Mazda MX5 Cup, which started in 2020, is a successful cup that is held in the Netherlands and Belgium. The cup car was developed by Intrax and is also responsible for the construction of all Cup cars. Intrax has modified the undercarriage and chassis (engine, engine management, gearbox and differential are sealed). Through smart …

Intrax ambassador

Intrax ambassador: Tom Coronel  Tom Coronel has been an ambassador for Intrax for many years and we really love this collaboration!