The ideal system for both normal road use and competition use. With the ARC® system, it’s possible to use that slightly softer spring that makes the car more compliant over bumps or curbstones at racetracks, that gives more grip and traction, but which is actually too soft because it generates too much unwanted roll and/or pitch, and which may even lead to the suspension bottoming out over some bumps, potholes or curbstones.

Thanks to the fact that ARC® is capable of differentiating between normal bumps and cornering movement, and even between different kinds of bumps, it is possible to choose that softer spring or a softer anti-rollbar. At large bumps or roll or pitch movements, the damping increases immediately, which prevents bottoming and reduces body movement. ARC® does all this without using any complicated and failure-prone electronics. ARC® is a system that interprets the shock travel speed in an intelligent mechanical-hydraulic way and can differentiate its response to different suspension inputs.