Because of its quality, continuity, flexibility and service, Intrax has gained the confidence of various brands to become their OEM supplier for shock absorbers (original equipment manufacturer; to install the standard shock absorber).

Some brands carry our shock absorbers under their own name and some, as listed below, under the name of Intrax or with the addition ‘Made by Intrax’.

All these brands value the following:

  1. Quality
  2. Continuity
  3. Service

Because we make no distinction in materials between competition vehicles or street vehicles and apply the latest technological developments to each shock absorber, the quality of the damper and its damping is always guaranteed.

Since all shock absorbers are tested in our factory before being shipped to our customers, our customers can be sure that every shock absorber meets the highest quality requirements. This also ensures the continuity of the damper and its damping.

Intrax has a very open business structure, which makes it possible for our customers to speak to whomever is of importance to the customer. This ensures a very efficient service in all areas.

Some of the manufacturers for which Intrax is OEM supplier are: