Tom Coronel choose for the Radical Benelux Cup!

Tom Coronel Racing choose for the Radical Benelux Cup!

Great to welcome the Coronel’s into the cup. We’ve asked Tom why they chose for the Radical SR3 Cup:

Tom his words:

"We have waited long for such a class in Zandvoort and a bit over the limit for the sense of international racing. This is as a race car must be, mechanical grip, downforce, rear wheel drive, super weight / horsepower ratio, with your head in the air … small Le Mans sports car race for the real feeling. Let the cup begin!

We as Coronel race 100% with you! Besides we will rent the cars."

Team Freebird also start in the Winter Cup with a Radical SR3. Dick Freebird, champion in the BTCC, have choses the Radical SR3 to prepare for the new season. They don’t make the choise where to st, but join the Radical Benelux is also an option which certainly will be thought of.

For all information about the Radical Benelux Cup:

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