Thx for your email,the dampers are perfect 😀 totally perfect just 2 weeks ago I’m finish my race,on Thursday(free practice) when I try my car 

And do some adjusment everything is ok.

On Saturday when qtt I got pole position 😀 even this race I use my spare engine SOHC 8 Valve w/ carburetor 203hp @ 7.500 and 220nm@ 6.500.

I bet the dohc engine (bmw M44 with m42 head) they are creating about 230hp.
The cornering speed And the dampers are to perfect,im really enjoy drive my car 😀

Later on,I will send you the official result of last race.
And the last please send me your price list,cause after that race many people ask me about intrax,and there are few potential buyer.

Thx a lot and nice see your reply soon.