Nice story: I also purchased this set in 2020 and rode around on it for 2 years, then I switched to a spring set from K.A.W. I thought it was less good. For me, INTRAX is the spring for a lowered Volvo 480.

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100 points! Even on public roads alone! What a difference! Testing on track soon!


Thanks for the effort.

I particularly enjoy the smooth way the suspension follows the road surface, and the enormous stability and controllability when cornering.
This way it can last another 5 years.

See you in 100,000km (~2 years), I would say.




Had a lovely drive back and forth to Brno last week. It was like a magic carpet at 200+ km/h


Thank you for the pleasant communication!


Thank you for the fast service


Thanks to you for your trust and making this thing happening in time!!

Kind regards

Claus V.

I have received the adjustment screw to my shock.

Thank you very much for handling my issue as quick as you did. It was superb.

Have a nice day.


Hello Donald,

I tell you that the results with the E92 have been extraordinary, it is precisely for that reason that I want the shock absorbers for my new project and it would be for two (2) racing cars

D. van G.

Als alIf all goes well, we will be 15/10 champions in series 1 in the Belcar Skylimit sprint cup. And that is partly thanks to your SUPER COMPANY!!! thanks for that!!!