Richard Holmes

This is a thank you for a great product.   I ordered a 1K2 Kit through Brunswick Racing who fitted it to the car.  My car is mainly a road car which I use for occasional track days.  As standard the Z4MC is a brilliant car spoilt by harsh suspension, whilst also rolling a great deal at the rear in fast driving due to the choice of progressive spring rate at the rear – truly the worst of both worlds – harsh and soft! 

I hope you enjoy the two photos.  The one of the car on its own is from last year, and the one with the silver BMW in the background is last Friday at the same corner at Bedford Autodrome.The difference between the two photos is less dramatic than the feeling inside the car. I had the dampers on seven clicks from full hard and the difference in reducing dive and squat was incredible. In the long corners the new rear springs supported the car much better and kept weight on the inside front wheel.. The cambers worked well and the tyres did not feather the outer edges.  The inner body did not hit the tyres even though I was aggressive on a few curbs.

The next day with dampers five clicks from full soft I used the car for a long weekend away on my wedding anniversary and the car is way better than standard, riding the bumps perfectly and also flatter through corners taken at speed.

I am a very happy man!