Renault Clio V6 high-end coilover suspension released from Intrax.

Specially for the demanding driver that is not afraid to push the Clio to the limit, and wants a safe and predictable car, Intrax has developed a top quality suspension kit. We analyzed the shocks of the original Clio and found a few problems with the standard setup.  The front dampers lack compression (bump) damping, making the car nervous everywhere, and dive too much under braking.  The standard rear shock has too little stroke. All competitive aftermarket kits we analyzed have “solved” this last problem by using rock-hard springs at the rear. This makes the car sporty, but at the same time it is losing traction. It makes the car it harsh on all but the smoothest roads and makes it in our opinion unpredictable to drive.

Intrax has taken another approach. At the rear, we designed special topmounts to increase the stroke of the rear suspension. We engineered a set of stainless steel bodied Mc Pherson struts, with our finest Black Titan guidance rods. We used guidance rods of 45mm diameter instead of the stock 22mm to increase the installation stiffness of the struts. After all, the car is not light, and is leaning a lot on the struts when cornering hard.

The end result: we achieved a nice and stable car which is very predictable to drive, fun to drift with, nicely balanced, comfortable and blistering fast in “real-road” conditions and has an amazing amount of traction. In the wet, we were all amazed about the increased traction we got off the line. Also on the track, this will outperform all sets out there.

As you would expect from us, the set of course comes with internal temperature compensation by means of a thermostat. The set has 40 position adjustment for the compression and rebound damping, so you can always find a setting that fits your mood and the place where you are driving: street or track. Ride height is adjustable on all corners. We added camber inserts on the front and the rear to increase the range of camber adjustment. This is especially nice when you are doing a lot of track time with it!

This set is designed to be used for a mix of 90% street, 10% track. We can convert it into a full trackday/race set with different internals and springs. A 4-WAY set with independent high-/lowspeed compression and rebound damping adjustment is also a possibility. 


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