Nuon Solar Team Nuna 5 shock absorber and springs

Intrax is supplier of shock absorbers and springs for the Nuna 5. Intrax has developed a high-end mono-tube racing shock specially for this one-off solar powered racing vehicle. This damper is equipped with a Black Titan piston rod and is about 10x lighter compared to a conventional racing car shock. The shock is constructed so that the sensitive electronics in the solar racing car are protected optimally and the obligatory 4G shocks can be handled with ease. The damper keeps the position of the car as stable as possible when encountering bumps, sidewinds and windblasts. This enables the aerodynamics to keep working optimally.  
Intrax has a special interest in racing on alternative energy sources. Currently, petrol cars,  diesel cars and even LPG powered cars are racing with spring- and shock absorber systems made by Intrax. Solar challenge racing cars only seem to be the next logical step for Intrax. 
Intrax wishes the Nuon Solar Team all the best for the coming race!
Pictures: Intrax, Hans Peter van Velthoven

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