LANCIA DELTA 8V / 16V TRACKDAY 1K2 suspension

Intrax has developed a full inverted shock absorber system for the always popular Lancia, for the front- and rearstruts of the car. It is designed for trackdays with (semi-) slicks and can also be driven on public roads. It features hard top mounts for camber and caster alignment front and rear.  The system can also be used with the standard topmounts. The suspension is designed around the 1K2 pressurised mono-tube shock absorbers. Ride height is adjustable as is compression and rebound damping (40 clicks). The camber inserts in the foot of the shock allow setting of extra camber.

On short notice, also a street derived HDA version will follow. This will have stainless steel bodies and right-side-up shocks and will be available at a very attractive pricing.

For UK customers, please also see

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