Shock absorbers for Jaguar classic cars

To drive comfortable, safe and enjoyable with your Jaguar XK120, XK140 or XK150 you mount some modern tires, maybe upgraded brakes from Dunlop, Falcon or Lockheed and a set of modern shocks.

Intrax now delivers modern shocks for the classical Jaguar models with adjustable damping, high pressure nitrogen support carried in remote reservoirs and Black Titan piston rods. These dampers are the peak of modern hydraulic shock absorber technology.

Since the Jaguar came on the road, there has been 50 years of development in shock absorbers. This translates itself in a more stable driving behavior. They prevent the rear from squatting and hitting the end stops. The comfort is raised when driving over bumps. With these shocks, your XK lets you drive 20 miles faster with less steering input needed compared to the original shocks.

This shock absorber kit is designed so that it can be mounted without any modifications to the car. It can be removed also when desired without leaving any traces. The pressure reservoirs are mounted with special fixings to the original exhaust brackets.

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