Intrax designs shocks for the Mercedes G AMG with our unique ARC System

The Mercedes G AMG (55 and 63) is one of the roughest toughest cars that are for sale these days. It still looks like a true off-roader should look and thanks to its rigid axles, actually always comes there what its appearance suggests. Perhaps it can be much more than what it is used for in practice in many countries including the Netherlands. This has the result that the car is actually too hard suspension/ muted for the surface on which it runs 99,5% of the time.

Often the car is perceived as too bumpy. Driving the street vowels is still pretty bumpy at low speeds, some women squirt some extra hairspray in order not to get out of the car with too wild hair and when driving off the speed bumps it seems like they are kicked against the backrest. At higher speeds (where these machines are seriously capable of) the car is defined as “seeking” and if a turn is taken with a high speed it becomes a real men car and you’ll have your hands full. We know that the 63 is a lot better than the 55 butt there still is room for improvement.

Intrax has developed, thanks to its unique ARC® (Anti Roll Control) system, dampers for this car that content and suffice 99,5% of the time and even perform perfectly by a simple adjustment of the damper when driven at high speed in a very rugged terrain.Thanks to the ARC® system it is possible to assemble the dampers with all its advantages such as greater comfort, without the disadvantages as more role and diving from the chassis. Also thanks to this system the car is not only more stabilized at high speeds and you can still change the radiostation at a turn, it also drive’s off speed bumps and street vowels without reminding you that you are driving a very tough all-terrain vehicle. It deals with these circumstances now as you would expect from a “normal”car in this price class.

The Intrax shock absorber is made to endure all the extreme situations which may come to pass. The protective cover is powder coated and the house and spindle of the shock absorber feature our Black Titan coating. This extremely hard coating is also used in the military aircraft industry in order to protect them from the harsh enviremonts where they end up in. The shock absorbers will therefore survive without problems in the dunes of Dubai as well as on the frozen peaks of Lapland. Therefore, Intrax has equiped the shock absorber with a thermostat so that it will function steady under all conditions.


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