Congratulations to Henk Jan Ronitz with championship F1 Stockcar

Succes for Henk Jan Ronitz

A few seasons ago F1 Stockcar rider Henk Jan Ronitz was a asphalt specialist. After to have raced for more than 20 years on the hard surface he switched to gravel/land. Many victories fell to his share. Where he finished third in 2012, he closed this season with the championship track champion F1 Stockcar of Speedway Emmen 2013.

Henk Jan could have won the finales too, but took the safe side and finishes behind winner 137 Jelle Hiemstra and in third place 759 Erwin Goenga.

The ASE Grand National Final for F1 Stockcars was the last contest of the day. Participation was not so big, but it was a wonderfull competition. Henk Jan Ronitz also won this race en may call himself ASE CN 2013 champion.

 Oval Stockcar

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