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April 1st 2014 we organize our, gradually traditional, Intrax track day. Like all previous times, this day you will be able to test your car to the limitand feel how the different settings influence teh handling of the car. If you want to be helped with this, no problem. Our handling specialists (Niek van Sambeek and Henk Thuis) and drivers (Tom Coronel, Donald Molenaar and Pim van Riet) will be present to help with any questions you may have.
The entire day will be aimed on upgrading your driving fun with your car. Do you want one of our riders to ride with you, no problem, you want to know how you can align your car quickly and easily, just ask, do you want an experienced driver to feel if the adjustment of your car can be improved, it is possible.
We will try to answer every question of the day.

Of course we provide snacks, drinks and lunch. During lunch, Tom Coronel, Donald Molenaar and Niek van Sambeek will give a brief explanation about the functioning of a shock absorber and can answer your questions.

In short, do you want to play with your favorite toy for one day at the finest and most technical tracks of Europe, Circuit Zandvoort, whether or not under supervision of professional handling specialists and pilots, register now for the Intrax track day April 1st. Of course your friends who do not have Intrax suspension are welcome also.

The sessions consist of 20 minutes, so three sessions per hour, we are going to devide the sessions in pilots with little/ average/ a lot of experience and the kind of car that you drive, please fill out the registration form as completely as possible.

Cost per entry:
€ 40,– per session for registration and payment in advance
€ 50,– per session for registration and payment on location
Prices are excl. 6% VAT

It is also possible to ride along with a Radical SR3 and SR8:
€ 40,–per lap for registration and payment in advance
€ 50,– per lap for registration and payment on location
Prices are excl. 6% VAT

Please note that space is limited.

On safety: a helmet is mandatory, there will be marshals on the track, rescue team and medical team is present in case of damage. Until now we have never needed them at the Intrax day, but we do not take risks.

The attached registration form (click here) can be mailed to: or fax: +31 413 273319

For questions and/ or comments, please contact Claudette Sommers +31 413 272997 or

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