Good results Intrax drivers at the New Years Race at Park Zandvoort

Several Intrax drivers have good results during the New Years Race at Circuit Park Zandvoort.

2e place: Henk Thuis and Pim van Riet
3e place: Cor and Pieter Euser

Division II:
3e place: Eric van den Munckhof and Henry Zumbrink

Division III:
1e place: Ronald Morien and Nick Catsburg
3e place: Remon Vos and Kevin Veltman

Division IV:
1e place: Sanne Braams and Jan Joris Verheul
2e place: Maurice Bol and Dick van Voskuilen
3e place: Martin Huisman and Harry Verkerk

 Nieuwjaarsrace 14 II

 With a starting field that extends into the Arie Luyendyk curve, the car and motorsport season 2014 is ushered at circuit Park Zandvoort in the traditional New Years race. A colorful field of 43 cars, divided into four divisions, is hopefully the prelude to a great season. Among the participating cars there are great cars like Radical SR8, Renault Megane, Wolf GB08, Marcos Mantis, BMW Z4, Saker, Hansen GTR, Subaru Impreza and of course a variety of BMW’s, Porsches, Clio’s and Seats.

 Henk Thuis captured in his Radical SR8 in the final seconds of qualifying, pole position at the Renault Megane of father and son Braams.In the warm up lap, Thuis slid on his still cold tires off the track into the gravel, but was fortunate to take his beautiful starting position.

However, with a car full of gravel, he came painfully away, leaving Max Braams to arrive first in the Tarzan curve and he already drove away seconds from his pursuers in the first rounds.

Thuis quickly regained his rhythm, drove to the Megane and grabbed the lead in the race after just a few laps left. The Radical then drove simply away from his pursuers to build a big lead. The Megane was also too strong and the two leading cars could pass all others within 5 minutes. After 25 rounds of racing Thuis had a lead of more then twenty seconds on Braams, Wolf from Bas Koeten Racing followed a lap behind in third place.

After an hour and 31 rounds of racing Thuis comes in and Pim van Riet takes over the wheel of the Radical. The Megane of Braams took the lead and Wolf of Bas Koeten Racing takes the second position. Van Riet resumed the race in third place.

Nieuwjaarsrace 14 III

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