Intrax 1/2/3 in Diesel Cup!

With two crashes and several fierce battles was the final race of the Touring Car Diesel Cup to the end spectacular. During the Kruidvat Gillette Easter races at Zandvoort took the duo Henry and Ferdinand Kool Zumbrink (BMW 120d) in front of 25,000 visitors to the best of it. The drivers of PS Motorsports were the duo Peter van der Kolk and Lev Fridman (also BMW 120d) with just three tenths of a second before. Rob Severs (BMW 123d) saw thanks to a good pit stop strategy for the first stage.

Peter van der Kolk briefly led the race until Henry Zumbrink after a great restart took over the head. "It was a fun and frantic racing, barrel Zumbrink together. "We were far behind after the pit stop but we are going to push as hard as we can. At the second restart I got away really well and I laid the foundation for victory. This was really a great good weekend. "

Although he missed out the victory, Van der Kolk still very happy after he and the Russian Lev Fridman finished second. "We had a nice and fair competition and that went great," says van der Kolk who, like Kool and Zumbrink is active in the HTC Dutch GT4 Championship. "Seven Cups in four games is a record I think. "

Rob Severs also had a world race. The young driver who runs his races without a teammate did not think he would end up on stage. "It was a crazy game, but with a good pit strategy, I have come far," says Severs. "I heard in the last round I was third. That was really cool and I’m so happy. I never expected this. "

The next rounds of the Diesel Touring Car Cup are 10 and 12 June at the Profile Tyre Pinksterraces.

Result Kruidvat Gillette Paasraces 2011.
Race 2 Toerwagen Diesel Cup:
1. Eq. Kool / Zumbrink, BMW 120d, 22 ronden in 51.57,103 (109,433 km/u),
2. Eq. van der Kolk / Fridman, BMW 120d, op 0,286,
3. Rob Severs, BMW 123d, op 3,427,
4. Jeroen Dik, Volkswagen Golf 5, op 4,981,
5. Eq. Zwart / Liesette Braams, BMW 123d, op 5,594,
6. Eq. Morien / de Groot, Volkswagen Golf 5, op 6,164,
7. Eq. de Kleijn / Cornelissen, BMW 123d, op 7,776,
8. Martin + Cynthia Boezaart, BMW 123d coupe, op 8,008,
9. Eq. van Rijswick / L’Ortye, BMW 120d, op 8,799,
10. Eq. den Dekker / Charles, BMW 120d, op 13,999,
11. Eq. Roeleveld / Baars, Volvo C30 D5, op 1 ronde,
12. Eq. Koster / Werkhoven, BMW 123d, op 3 ronden,
13. Eq. Bouhuys / van Os, BMW 320d, op 3 ronden.

Not classified:
Eq. Swart / van Leen, BMW 120d, op 8 ronden,
Eq. Smeijsters / Gras, Seat Leon, op 15 ronden,
Eq. Barten / Nooren, BMW 123d coupe, op 18 ronden.

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