The review by the owner:  “… My standard F430 was suffering from quite a bit of understeer, both on corner entry as well as on corner exit. The suspension was a bit soft, causing the car to lean over in corners, squat during accelerating. On braking the nose of the car almost hit the ground. This is most likely a safe factory setting, but rather limiting on trackdays and circuit events. 

The companies Intrax and A-Repair ( ) have found a solution to these problems. On the F430 a 4-WAY ‘Black Titanium’ shock absorber set is mounted by Intrax. Also the alignment of the wheels has been modified.

The improvements can be called spectacular! At the circuit Papenburg, which is an exact copy of the `Kleine Kurs von Hockenheim’, I managed to clock a time in the third round that was 1 second faster than the lap record for a stock F430, which was put down by a testdriver of the magazine ‘Car en Driver’. And the circuit is even new for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t improve this time further because the standard brake pads couldn’t cope with this. Because of these poor brakes I left some 2-3 seconds and that is the next point of improvement.

My conclusions: the prominent oversteer has disappeared, the balance on a dry track is very good and the road holding very predictable. Already early from the apex of the corner, power can be put down without nasty oversteer situations.

The performance of the suspension on the public roads is impressive. Large imperfections are absorbed easily thanks to the adjustable “high speed” compression damping. This upgrade has delivered a razor-sharp F430 on the circuit and a comfortable partner on the public road.

The challenge for Intrax was to find a good solution for the shock upgrade while keeping the integrated engine electronics. With the solution of Intrax, all software is completely intact and fully functional.”

For more installation pictures and information, please contact Intrax at

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