Equippe Frankenhout / Kox 2nd in mainrace from the Argos Supreme Touringcar Dieselcup

Equippe Christiaan Frankenhout / Peter Kox (BMW 123d coupe) drive almost to victory with Intrax shock absorbers in the main race of the Supreme Argos Touring Car Diesel Cup at the Formido final races.
The duo had a marginal gap of 0.084 seconds at the victory of the team Ricardo van der Ende and Wim van Genderen.

Kox, Uljee and Van der Ende fought for the leading position, but until the mandatory pit stop the sequence remained unchanged.

The team with the BMW 123d coupe by Frankhout and Kox first appeared to be flagged.
But Frankenhout sadly give in the final meters the road to victory to Wim van Genderen and Ricardo van der Ende.

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