Dennis de Borst and Martin de Kleijn Champion Sport 1 division

In the Supercar Challange Dennis de Borst and Martin de Kleijn clinched the Championship in the Sport 1 division with their optimal prepared Renault Clio RS. The car is equipped with the Intrax 4-way Black Titan ARC® shocks. In the winter before the 2014 season a lot was changed on the car so a test with Dennis, Martin and Jaap van Lagen was planned before the season. A optimal balance was found during the test days which allowed Jan van Vliet and Danny Stam (the engineers) to work with very small adjustments to adjust the car for the different circuits and circumstances at hand. Thanks to the team work within the FEBO team and the perfectly matched components on the car they were able to win the Championship despite some setbacks.

Intrax congratulates FEBO team with this great effort.

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