Roger Grouwels, Arjan van der Zwaan and Robert van der Graaff champion in the Supercar Challenge in Viper GT3 R

The RaceArt team of Roger Grouwels, managed by Marwin Moonen , have delivered a performance of world class. With their brand new car, a Viper GT3-R, they won the most competitive class in the BeNeLux, the Super GT class in the Supercar Challenge.

RaceArt had a flying start with their Viper GT3-R with three podium places in the first two weekends. One of them was the first place on the Nurburgring in the first race.

For the team it was no reason For the team that was no reason to relax their efforts, they wanted to improve because the competition was very hard. The “factory” Ferrari GT2 driven by Lanting and Herben were very consistent and fast. While the two Volvo silhouettes V8 cars were driven by two youngsters who squeezed every hundredth of a second out of the car were also very fast.

One of the things the team did was to contact Intrax to develop a set of 4-way shock including Black Titan and ARC®. Intrax had three weeks time to develop these shocks before they had to drive the next race. The shocks were designed and tested on the rig within these three weeks. The first race on the new shocks in Assen was promising with a 2nd and 4th place. Ambitious as the team is they directly planned a test day at Francorchamps together with Jaap van Lagen en Roger Grouwels to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The hard work of the RaceArt team was rewarded with a pole position and first place (despite a 10 second penalty) in their first race of the final weekend. This score clinched the hard-fought Super GT championship in the Supercar Challenge.

Intrax congratulates team RaceArt with this great performance.

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