Amazing results for our new ARC system on the Camaro GT4 from Equipe Verschuur.

Last weekend, Duncan Huisman and Max Braams have droven the Camaro from Equipe Verschuur 3x!! as first across the finish line. On a very rainy first race Max has taken the first place during the first race of the HDI-Gerling Dutch GT and Duncan repeated this during the second race. On sunday the Camaro was also undefeatable and they won with a considerable lead.

The Camaro from Equipe Verschuur rides with Intrax dampers which are equipped with our ARC systeem.

ARC stands for Anti Roll Control, this one of a kind system automaticly reduces body-roll of the car. The system repsonds to differences in speed of the damper movement. This system is a perfect add-on during track and race use by which the body-roll of the car is greatly reduced. Best of all is that the system still allows a comfortable drive to and from the track if necessary.

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