STAINLESS STEEL / BLACK TITAN BMW E46 (incl. CSL) road / trackday coilover kit

BMW E46 Coilovers

Intrax dampers are the most sophisticated suspension you can fit to your BMW. According to people that tried the different sets, Intrax is in a completely different league to Bilstein, KW, H&R, TEIN, AST, etc. This kit has been specially designed by to provide a simple, easy-to-use damper setup that will provide comfortable driving on the road, with fantastic performance on track.

The damper bodies are made from INOX with road seals to ensure the severest winter driving. The guidance tubes and piston tubes are made of indestructible Black Titan, ultra-hard and ultra-smooth.  Rear dampers are lightweight 7075T6 aluminum. Ride height and damping (compression and rebound) are adjustable. Dampers are competition grade mono-tube dampers with Nitrogen support.  All mounting points are equipped with top quality uniballs (rose joints) for most accurate damper movement and maximum lifetime under track conditions. 

The front struts feature adjustable camber/castor plates which allow correct setup of front camber in particular. This enables you to get rid of the understeer once and for all. The front dampers are large, oversized upside down dampers; 45mm versus the original 22mm. This ensures maximum installation stiffness and cornering ability.

On the rearside it is a full coilover system for improved spring/wheel ratio and easy height changes (also corner weight setup). Spring rates supplied as standard are 100Kg/cm front and 50Kg/cm rear which makes for a car that is actually nicer on the road than standard but in a different league on the track. A fantastic upgrade for your M3/CSL.

Pricelist with coilovers for the BMW E46 and lowering springs available out of stock, shipped worldwide. Have a look at out shock absorbers for BMW E46.

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