Cor Euser rules Spa Francorchamps!

Cor Euser was ruler over the weekend at Spa Francorchamps, he won both the first race on Saturday as the second race which was held on Sunday.

Alex van ‘t Hoff fineshed second, before René Snel who became in the third position in the final stage because Berry van Elk had technical problems.

Supersport I-divison
In the Supersport I-division the victory went to Wolf Nathan and Jaap van Lagen, before Martin Webb and Kees Kreijne.

Supersport II-division
In the Supersport II division the victory went to Eugene Janssen and André de Vries, before Diederik Sijthoff and the brothers Monster.

Richard van den Bos and Bert van der Zweerde triumphed in the sports division and also took the championship in this class through failure of Mark van der Aa and Koen Bogaerts in this race.

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