Congrats from Intrax to Marcel Dekker en Jaco

On behalf of the entire Intrax team:
Congratulations to Dekker Racing and Jaco’s Paddock..

Marcel Dekker of Dekker Racing has become champion in the Mazda MX5 Cup.
Of wich we, Intrax, completely convert the Mazda’s (MX5) into a full circuit car for the Mazda MX5 Cup.

The racing team of Jaco’s Paddock became champions in the RCN Series in the VT2 and the V4 class with their BMW’s.
The RCN Series (Rundstrecken Challenge Nurburgring) is a famous racing event in the so-called “Green Hell” i a traditional, relaxed and fun – but highly competitive way.

Congrats to both teams!!

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