BMW 120d Cup Assen, great achievements by the Intrax drivers

Sunday 15 October, a beautiful day without rain at the circuit in Assen! ACNN had done everything to make a nice starting field. Unfortunately not many drivers, but qualitative good drivers.

Some highlights:

At least two drivers per team should make a good time per round. Everyting worked out great! Renate Sanders had no luck because someone maked contact with her car. But the technical team of Peter Achterberg had accomplished this with succes!

The results were as follows:

1                    R. Sanders, F. Wilschut, B. Sanders

2                    R. Snel, P. Snel, P. Claassen

3                    G. Pastorelli, R. Abresch, R. Besjes, D. Wand

4                    S. Farina, P. Versluis, R. Etman, M. Dawo

5                    J. Bleekemolen, R. v.d. Laar

6                    A. van ’t Hoff, D. Dekking, F. Pastorelli

7                    A. Boer, A. Wiegers


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