Top Speed TV airs 4 episodes behind the scene of a Radical Race team

In forecast of the 2013 racing season Top Speed presenter Martin Utberg and his team mate Jeroen van de Heuvel will show the Radical in its natural habitat, the circuit. In four shows they will give a inside look in their Radical team during race weekends. The Top Speed program will be brought cast in 38 countries and can be seen on the internet.
During the 2013 season Top Speed will be present at each race of that season. Further information about the brought cast of the program and the possibility of following the races LIVE will be given on a short notice.
In the attachement the brought cast times for England and Europe of the first four episodes. As of the ninth of November its possible to see the past episode on and the Top Speed app (top Speed TV).

MOTORS TV 26/10/2012
Friday                    02 November 2012           17:20:00
Friday                    02 November 2012           01:40:00
Friday                    09 November 2012           17:20:00
Thursday              15 November 2012           13:00:00
Friday                    16 November 2012           17:20:00
Monday                19 November 2012           12:40:00
Wednesday         21 November 2012           13:10:00
Friday                    23 November 2012           17:20:00
Monday                26 November 2012           12:40:00
Friday                    30 November 2012           17:20:00

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