MacPherson struts are essential components of modern front suspensions.

In modern cars, the front damper is a bearing part of the construction. The MacPherson damper has to turn with the front wheel, replace the upper support arm and, at the same time, has to be able to compress and decompress.Therefore, the ideal MacPherson strut should be infinitely rigid sideways and be able to move back and forth without friction. The revolutionary new INTRAX MacPherson is a solution that does just that. The basis of this unique INTRAC concept is formed by its conduction.

This conduction consists of a specially-developed, hard chrome tube, with a sliding low-friction bearing at the end of the tube. As a result, the overlap during the compression, which is needed for the sideways rigidity, increases. This is as strong as a MacPherson strut will ever be. Combined with the damping piston and ultra-thin bearings, this creates a construction that enables the use of race springs with an internal diameter of 60mm. The perfect combination for high rigidity, low weight and high-end performance.

To make it even lighter, we offer optional ‘aircraft-spec’ aluminium precision conduction tubesThe MacPherson upside-down construction is available with an upside-down insert of 40mm, 45mm or 52mm (XL) diameter.

Black Titan

Black Titan was originally developed for the military air force. The air force was looking for something that would make the engines more resistant against the various extreme conditions they are exposed to (sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat, snowstorms, sandstorms, etc.).  Eventually, this led to the development of Black Titan: an extremely hard coating with a very low friction coefficient and corrosion resistant. After applying Black Titan to their aircraft engines, the service interval was sometimes extended with more than 100%.

Intrax then thought: what is good for their engines, is also good for our shock absorbers. The coating is placed on the guide and piston rods, which then will no longer be susceptible to corrosion and the friction with the other components is strongly reduced, which benefits the functioning of the damper.


ARC© for street use:
Because of its unique features, the ARC© system lends itself perfectly for street use. You usually need to find a compromise between having fun on the street or circuit and the moments when your car is an object for everyday use, intended to bring you from A to B as comfortably as possible.

ARC© allows you to drive more comfortably from A to B without adjustments to your car, while still letting you enjoy the sports suspension of your car when having fun on the street or circuit. Because ARC© reacts according to speed (the speed in the shock absorber), Intrax has made it possible to keep the body roll (of the car) under control with this system, without having to install the ‘hard’ suspension that is usually required for that purpose. A car with a softer suspension drives more comfortably and has more traction and grip.

ARC© for competition use
The ideal system for the competition and professional race driver. With the ARC© system it is possible to use the suspension that allows for a calmer ride, lets the car drive across bumps/curbs more smoothly, giving it just a bit more traction and grip, while actually being too soft because it generates too much unwanted roll/pitch and even goes overboard with some holes/bumps/curbs.

Because ARC is able to distinguish between holes/bumps/curbs and bends/braking, it is now possible to still opt for the slightly softer suspension without sacrificing stability. ARC© does all this without the use of expensive, complicated, sensitive electronics. ARC© is a system that interprets the speed of the shock absorber mechanical/hydraulically and therefore is able to respond differently to various actions.

Adjustable shock absorber

All Intrax shock absorbers are custom made. This means that Intrax will calculate, design and manufacture the shock absorber based on the information about the car and the wishes of the driver. Basically, this ensures the ‘basic’ shock absorbers Intrax produces are already very good.

However, as damper characteristics do not always have to be the same (they are different for a wet road surface versus a wet road surface, or a hard track versus a bumpy or soft track, etc.), Intrax makes its shock absorbers adjustable.

With the help of simple knobs, the damper characteristics can be adjusted according to the wishes of the driver and the circumstances at that time.

Intrax has different systems:

RSA and 1K2
This shock absorber has 1 adjustment knob per shock absorber. If this knob is turned, the inward stroke (bump) and outward stroke (rebound) are adjusted at the same time, in the correct ratio.

This shock absorber has 2 adjustment knobs. 1 knob is for the inward stroke (bump) and 1 knob controls the outward stroke (rebound). This shock absorber can be adjusted in more detail to the circumstances of the time and the wishes of the driver.

This shock absorber has 4 adjustment knobs. 1 for the high-speed bump (inward stroke), 1 for the low speed bump, 1 for the rebound (outward stroke) and 1 for the whole inward stroke setting of the shock absorber. This shock absorber can be fully adjusted to the wishes of the driver and the track conditions.


All Intrax shock absorbers with adjustable damping are equipped with a thermostat.

A shock absorber consumes a lot of energy, which it converts into heat. A shock absorber can easily reach 140° C during off-road use. The oil then gets thinner and the gas pressure increases.

Unfortunately, the oil getting thinner and the gas pressure increasing does not happen proportionately, which causes the damper characteristic to change at different temperatures.

Using a variety of thermostat techniques, Intrax ensures that the damper characteristics remain the same, no matter whether the ambient or operating temperature remains the same.

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