We are specialists in road holding. That is why we supply custom-calculated settings for almost all our shock absorbers and springs. From the springs, the shim stacks, low and high speed adjustments to the damping pistons. Everything is tailor-made by us. Based on the wishes of our customers. To give an indication of the many possibilities, below an overview of popular and frequently requested settings:

Fast Street / Occasional Trackday

This is a suspension upgrade from the standard parts to the sportier side. Everyday comfort and minimizing vibrations and noise levels are just as important as the car's handling. Optimized around the Dutch roads and / or beyond.

Trackday / Bumpy Race Circuit / Nordschleife

This is a suspension for racing on flat and uneven tracks. It is possible to drive to the track and back home. The ride height is sufficient for driving on public roads. Lap times and controllability of the car is more important than comfort.


Stiffer suspension designed for use with slicks and roll cages. Optimized for lap time and maximum performance.

Rally Tarmac and Gravel

Tarmac rally has a "harder" set up compared to gravel rally, this is "softer" and has, for example, more suspension travel and a different ride height.


Depending on the surface that will be driven on, a "soft" setting is sought to create as much traction as possible. Of course, it is ensured that the car does not move too much. The roll, pitch and / or squad are fully controlled by the shock absorber in combination with the springs.


Here too we have different settings for the different surfaces. Of course you can also choose a mixed setting. In the cross the emphasis is also on traction and cornering grip.


We have a lot of experience in oval racing. The oval racing is driven with an asymmetrical set-up in terms of shock absorbers and springs. The weight distribution of the car on the oval is an important factor and requires customization for the spring-damping combination.

Mac Pherson XL

The XL version of the 1K2 shock absorber (also called coilover) or the 4-way shock absorber from Intrax. The super strong version of the already impressive "normal" upside-down construction.

A MacPherson strut must not only handle the vertical forces of the wheel, but also the lateral forces. Due to the reverse construction, this always applies to Intrax (the classic setup is also possible on request). The installation stiffness in the system has been greatly reduced (which means less flex). Intrax uses a ø 40 mm (RSA) or a ø 45 mm (1K2 and 4-way) upside-down insert.

In case of extreme forces, Intrax offers the XL version. It is equipped with an upside down insert of no less than ø 52mm. This may seem like an exaggeration, but it has proven itself many times over. Drivers gained even more confidence in the car and found it even better / more direct to drive. Our suspension engineers see the benefits of the XL version's extra stiffness in their data logging.

It is good to know that: due to the larger diameter of the insert of the XL version (ø 52mm), springs with a larger inner diameter are also required. And so it cannot be applied directly to every MacPherson wheel suspension.

Questions about which setting best suits your car, use and desired road holding? Or about one of the above settings? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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