Intrax not only has a very efficient system for overhauling its own shock absorbers (with 90% of such overhauls ready to be returned in 1 to 3 days), but we also overhaul many other brands.

An overhaul of the shock absorbers means:

1: Fully disassembling the shock absorber

2: Checking all parts
3: Assembling the shock absorber with:
- New oil
- New seals
- New o-rings
4: Testing the shock absorber on the test bench
Of course, all this can be done of Intrax shock absorbers, but also for most of the following brands: Koni, Öhlins, KW, AST, WP, Reiger, H&R, Tractive, Bilstein, JRZ, Eibach, Moton, Hyperpro, Fox, BC and many other brands.

The most important thing is that the cap through which the piston rod enters the shock absorbers is screwed and not compressed/clamped on. That is why almost no OEM (standard fitted) shock absorbers can be overhauled.

Because Intrax sells many racing competition shock absorbers, we have the ability for an urgent overhaul/repair. Obviously, you first need to send us the shock absorbers, but if you inform us (by email or phone) that it involves an urgent overhaul/repair, then we will contact you as soon as they arrive and do everything we can to ship the shock absorbers back to you the same or the next day at the latest.

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