Iconic car designed by legendary designers

The LCC (Light Car company) build one of the most iconic street legal cars, the Rocket. This street legal race car which could fit 2 people, sitting behind each other, was the first car equipped with a motor bike engine. The performance of this car was breathtaking like the handling of the car. This wasn’t a surprise because the car was designed by legends Gordon Murray and Chris Craft. Only 45 or 56 Rockets were produced (internet is inconclusive about the number) but clearly made its mark in car history.

We designed 35% lighter shocks for this car (you wouldn’t think this would be possible taking the name of the factory into account ☺) and improved even more on the handling but keeping the characteristics of the original car in mind. We even kept the original springs for this.

You also have something different to others, we can always make something for you.

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