‘Intrax custom build’
or ‘customised dampers’

Intrax can deliver tailor-made suspensions like no other.

INTRAX possesses all the necessary ingredients for tailor-made work.

  • Modular construction of all shock absorbers
  • Own design and engineering for shock absorbers and springs
  • In-house manufacturing / installation
  • Many years of know-how
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • In-house test facilities
  • Lathes and milling machines with digital readouts
  • Tig and mig welding department
  • Digital alignment and weighbridge

Intrax literally is an all-round manufacturer. 
There is not a vehicle you can think of for which Intrax does not have a solution.
There are INTRAX dampers for:

  • Race
  • Road
  • Rally
  • Cross
  • Off-road
  • Oval
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Historic vehicles
  • Touring cars

And many other cars, but also for motorcycles, quads, sidecars, trucks, chimneys, roller coaster carts, crane cabins (industrial shock absorbers), etc. INTRAX even manufactures dampers for helicopters, snowmobiles or horse carriages! 

All shock absorbers are calculated at the time of the order based on the data of the components that need to be damped. This way of working allows for tailor-made work and for each shock absorber to be equipped with the latest developments in technology.

All shock absorbers leaving the Intrax factory are ‘custom build’.

No matter if the car is only meant for street use, or whether for a combination of different disciplines, our engineers will make sure the shock absorber fits best with the planned use. If the car is 100% for competition use, they will consider the specific vehicle specifications, such as weight, rims, tread width, tyres, etc.

We also look at how much the client wants to lower the car. When the car is extremely lowered, the compressed length and/or stroke of the damper is adjusted, as are the springs and damping. 

We take into account the non-standard features of the car, such as wider and/or larger wheels. We can also consider wishes such as ‘extremely comfortable’ or ‘extremely rigid’. The adjustable dampers can be made in such a way that they combine a comfortable ‘ride along the boulevard’ with a ‘record breaking lap around the circuit’, but you can also just take your car and go shopping.

Nothing is impossible: everything can be made to measure. Damping, suspension, length, stroke, design, colour, etc. Should you have any other very special wishes, then let us know at INTRAX. INTRAX will find a solution to anything you can think of.

Intrax also values customer service in its way of doing business. Service, both as in overhauling (which we strive to finish within a few working days) and as in helping and advising our customers.

This comprehensive service package has led to Intrax becoming the main supplier of shock absorbers in many Cup races.

We even go as far as overhauling non-Intrax shock absorbers at Intrax (something that takes a very long time elsewhere or is not even possible there).

That's INTRAX!

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