Intrax Custom Build

Intrax is internationally known for supplying tailor-made shock absorbers, or custom build. And is literally at home in all markets. There is no vehicle or product for which Intrax has no solution.

We make custom-made shock absorbers for use in race, road, rally, cross, off-road and oval. But also for coaches, armored vehicles, oldtimers, motorcycles, quads, sidecars, trucks, chimneys, rollercoasters, crane cabins, snowmobiles and even horse carriages.

All shock absorbers are custom made

All shock absorbers are calculated at the time of order based on the data of the parts to be damped. This way of working ensures customization and that every shock absorber is equipped with the latest developments. That is why all shock absorbers that leave the factory at Intrax are "custom build".

Is the vehicle used for street only, or a combination of different disciplines? The suspension engineers will tailor the shock absorbers to best suit their intended use. Even at 100% competition, the specific specifications of the car, weight, rims, track width, tires, etc.

We look at the desired lowering of the vehicle. In case of extreme lowering, the compressed length and / or stroke of the damper is adjusted, just like the springs and the damping. Furthermore, it takes into account what is not standard about the car, such as wider and / or larger wheels. And take into account wishes such as "extremely comfortable" or "extremely stiff".

The adjustable shock absorbers can be made so that a wonderfully comfortable "boulevard-cruise-ride " can be combined with a "record-breaking lap circuit ". You can also get groceries. And all this within one adjustment range, with one set of Intrax shock absorbers.

Ingredients for customization

All ingredients for customization are available at Intrax:

  • Modular construction of all dampers
  • Own design and engineering for shock absorbers & springs
  • Manufacture and assembly in-house
  • Many years of know-how
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • In-house testing facilities
  • Turning and milling machines
  • TIG and MIG welding department
  • Digital alignment and weighing bridge

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible and everything can be tailor-made. From the damping, suspension, length, stroke, execution to the color and more. We like a challenge. If it can be made or invented somewhere, it is at Intrax. We like to think along and go for the very best solution and satisfied customers.

You can also contact us for overhaul of shock absorbers (also other brands). Our extensive service package, quick action, technical knowledge and thinking along with customers have ensured that we are used as a shock absorber supplier at many Cup races.

Do you have any questions or receive a quote for custom build shock absorbers? Please contact us.

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