2 cars from different eras will get the same treatment for great results.

Two cars from a completely different era will get the same treatment at Intrax. The owner of the Mercedes gave us clear assignment, “the car must have more comfort but don’t make any compromise on the handling of the car”. The owner of the Aston Martin asked us, “can you improve the handling of the car but keep it comfortable?”.

The final results must be the same, the only thing is that the modern car is too harsh and the classic car is much too soft. What not a lot of people know is that Intrax developed systems to solve exactly these problems without making the car uncomfortable (in case of the Mercedes we will improve dramatically on comfort) while improving the handling (yes, also the Mercedes and of course the handling of the Aston Martin).

If you want to know more about these techniques sent us a mail, give us a call, or if you want you can also visit us (we do apply the Dutch Corona rules naturally).

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