Radical rules in Varano with Francesco Sini

30 September 2007 – Press Release   09-2007

After a series of 3 podiums with a overall win in the last three races of the “Italian Prototype Series”, the “UKGarage by Solaris Motorsport” Radical SR3 conquests, with Francesco Sini, its second overall victory, ruling the whole race weekend.

The two most dangerous opponents, among whom there was the Lucchini 3000 Alfa Romeo usually racing in the CIP (Italian Prototype Championship) with Fabio Piccone, have been lapped for the first time already before one half of the race.

Francesco Sini leaded with authority on the 1’06-1’07 race pace for the whole 1H race, scoring a best lap, in the second half of the race, in 1’06.637, a time which would have been competitive even for the “Italian Prototype Championship” standards, which races last less than 30’.

The Francesco Sini Radical SR3 is the first car overall winning for two times in the 5 races held so far, after its first win on the Mugello circuit.

The Light Series Group title, and the Light Series 1600cc class title, are finally secured, two races before the end of season, with 40 and 15 points.

For the Italian-swiss team, there is the chance to prepare in the best way the home-race in Monza (14th October), where the target is another first level result.

In the meantime are going on the contacts with pilot sto launch the challenge in the Vallelunga 6H Gold Cup race (18th November), where the final target is the overall win.

Race Result – Varano de Melegari Circuit – 5th Race of Italian Prototype Series

1. Francesco Sini – Radical SR3 – 51 Laps in 1:00’01.547,

    average speed of 127,072 Km/h (1. LS1600)

2. F. Merendino/M. Merendino – Norma Honda +2 Laps (1.      CN2000)

3. De Pasquale/Piccone – Lucchini Alfa Romeo +2 Laps (1. CN3000)

4. Sangiuolo/Castellano – Osella Honda +22 Laps (2. CN2000)

5. Riccardo Ala – Sighinolfi BMW – DNS (CN3000)

    Alain Valle/Alex Valle – Tampolli Alfa Romeo – DNQ (SR2)