My Car : 

VW Golf GTD 2011
Intrax 1K2 black titan with anti-roll control
VWR roll centre adjusting ball joints
18×8 et45 OZ Ultraleggera  wheels
Michelin pilot sport 4  tyres

As promised I will try and put down in words with a few pictures of the shocks/kit fitted to my car and what I think of  the Intrax.

As you know I am a very hard man to please and I am very fussy with extremely high standards.  I have  looked for a long time at the Intrax on the m3 and the 2002 and I even fitted your first set of intrax to the “old lady” some years back now.  Everyone who has driven/raced these cars has always got out of them and if it’s not the first thing they say it’s not long before it rolls off their tongue “that doesn’t half handle well”. I just put that down to the fact that Brunswick cars are always prepared and set up properly.

I have had the Intrax on my car for two weeks I think and I have covered 200 miles,  Well they are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I now know that I have wasted my money on
                               And we don’t talk about Airlift!!!

The ride is similar if not better than standard but a lot lower obviously.  It’s amazing and I’m not sure I understand the black magic that is occurring.  I can go over massive potholes and there is silence – no banging at all!! I seriously think I will break a wheel before it bottoms out.  The handling is fantastic I have never been able to go round corners at the speeds I can now and it is in total controlled comfort!  There are no bangs, knocks, creaks or rattles. I have never been this pleased with the way that this or any of my other cars have cruised or gone round a corner.  You really can go for a relaxed drive or you can go nuts and drive how you know you shouldn’t!!!

The only change I would make is, as you suggest Dave, to have shorter springs front and rear just so I have some adjustment available rather than being fully wound down.  I would like to go a touch lower just to satisfy the “Boy Racer” in me.

Also is there anything Intrack recommends to protect the shocks from the winter and the general road grim because my car gets muddy and is not a ‘trailer queen’?