Subaru Impreza: Intrax most sold coilover

Best sold coilovers

Intrax is proud to be chosen as the best sold coilover kit amongst the members of the Subaru Club Netherlands (SCN).  In this poll, Intrax is the #1 selling brand, followed by the BC-Racing coilover, the Eibach coilover and the coilovers of AST and KW.

Intrax delivers a wide choice of Stainless Steel coilover kits for the Impreza in several settings, for comfort- and street usage, trackday and race. These are all real mono-tube dampers with nitrogen support; the top in shock absorbers technology!

In the lower part of the damper an elongated hole is made with eccentric inserts, which give the possibility to dial in extra camber. You save the costs of camberplates and you keep maximum comfort. The RSA-HDA coilover kit has an adjustment of compression- and rebound damping with one easily accessible button.  The dampers can stay underneath the car when you adjust them. The adjustment range is no less then 40 positions.

For competition use like trackday, circuit, hillclimb, rally and rallycross, Intrax fabricates tailor-made shock absorders with oversized 45 and 52mm Black Titan piston rods, camberplates and 4-WAY adjustable dampers.

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