Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup

The Ford Fiesta Cup, started in season 2018, is a successful Cup race class driven in the Netherlands and Belgium. Intrax developed the Cup race car and builds all the cars that are used in this Cup. Intrax changed a lot on the chassis and suspension to develop a affordable, fast, and fun race car. The engine is optimized by the organization of this race class. Because the setup of the car can be changed in different ways this is a race class which is great for the beginner and the advanced driver.


Some things which are included on the Cup car:

  • Roll centre adjustment
  • Bump steer adjustment
  • Shock absorbers coil-over 1K2 system
  • Camber adjustment front and rear
  • Harderntop mounts rear
  • Rubber bushes in suspension arms changed for bearings
  • Rear axle reinforced on several points
  • Aligning adjustment possible also on rear wheels
  • Roll Cage
  • Fire Extinguishing system
  • AIM
  • Enz.

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