Suzuki Swift Cup

From 2007 to 2012, Intrax took the initiative to set up the Suzuki Swift Cup. The two different cup cars were fully developed under the guidance of Intrax.

Intrax adjusted more than just the shock absorbers. Intrax also overhauled and developed the following components:

- Roll cage: not only safe, but also greatly increased the rigidity of the chassis.
- Rear axle: rubbers were replaced by hard connections and the construction was reinforced, which led to much less flex.
- Front top dome: this was not only reinforced, but also got the possibility to adjust the camber.
- The front steering knuckles were adjusted to improve the roll centre of the car and thus the road holding.
- The steering arm pick up point was adjusted to reduce bump steer.

In short, other than to the shock absorbers, many adjustments were made to the Suzuki Swift Sport that turned it into a super race car. The car was very accessible for novice drivers and allowed them to become very experienced and good drivers with experience in adjusting cars.

Because of the big success in the Netherlands, a European class came about as well (this one still exists today). It is mostly supported by the Eastern European importers. The unique feature of this race class is that there are races in 4 countries and that a driver can take part in the year he/she becomes 15 years old. These cars use Intrax shock absorbers, too.

Some of the drivers: Marth de Graaf, Pieter Schothorst, Marcel Langeveld, Marcel Dekker, Niels Langeveld, Jeroen de Boer and probably we forgot to mention quite a few more.

All this makes clear that Intrax can provide advice, help develop and build much more than just shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers for the Suzuki Swift

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