Macpherson XL ovalracing shock absorber for your Chevrolet WTCC from 2010 - 2011

The Macpherson is our top product. The damper is adjustable in the  low-speed compression, the high-speed compression, rebound and the overall reach of the low-speed compression, these can all be adjusted separate. The inner works is much more advanced then our other dampers and contains 115 precision engineered parts.

 The low-speed compression damping controls the front-rear and left-right movements of the car (“pitch” and “roll”).
The high-speed compression controls the movement of the wheels over sharp bumps, like marbles and curb stones.
The rebound damping controls the body movements and absorbs unwanted energies, which otherwise would unsettle the car.

The Macpherson can be equipped with spring rate adjusters and the “Black Titan” coating.

In special applications, if the physical room allows us, we can fit the “XL” version, upgrading the diameter from 45 to a huge 50 or even 52mm.    


  • Low- and high-speed compression adjustable
  • Damping base adjustable
  • Rebound adjustable
  • Fully modular
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Track use approved
  • Temp.-compensation
  • Choose; Comfort
  • Or choose; Sport
  • Damping-upgrade
  • Stability
  • Cornering
  • More direct steering
  • Same or better comfort
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Springs replaceable
  • Rebuildable / Upgradeable
  • Option for camberplates
  • 45mm strut optional
  • Welding plate optional

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Extra options

Black Titan

Black Titan was originally developed for the military air force. The air force was looking for something that would make the engines more resistant against the various extreme conditions they are exposed to (sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat, snowstorms, sandstorms, etc.).  Eventually, this led to the development of Black Titan: an extremely hard coating with a very low friction coefficient and corrosion resistant. After applying Black Titan to their aircraft engines, the service interval was sometimes extended with more than 100%.


Intrax has developed a unique way to drastically reduce the unwanted role of the car (across width AND length axis). The car drives with the comfort and benefits as if soft springs are mounted. But if a turn is made, braked hard or driven through a pit, ARC checks the row height. So for the street racer no more walking kidneys, but still through the curves and brakes as if a sport chassis has been mounted. And for the rally driver, circuit racer all the benefits of soft springs such as more traction and grip without the disadvantages such as roll, pitch and bounce, jumping the suspension on jumps and or curbs.

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