Racing suspension for BMW E30 (M3, 325i and 318ls)

After the huge success of the 1K2 Chromium 40mm racing suspension, Intrax introduces an improved version: the 1K2 Black Titan 45mm suspension. All good things from the 1K2 racing suspension still maintain and the front tubes have grown from 40 to 45mm and are now made from Black Titan. The rear shocks also have Black Titan piston rods.

The ideal Mc. Pherson strut is infinite stiff. It has zero friction going over bumps and when loaded (under cornering and braking). The Intrax 1K2 suspension comes already close to this ideal because of its inverted strut and the larger then standard diameter (40mm instead of 22mm). The Intrax inverted struts also use an unique floating bearing principle. Because of this, the further the shock is loaded and compressed, the larger the overlap between the bearings becomes. Therefore, when you need it the most , the strut is at its strongest.

The 45mm Black titan version is the next step up. The larger diameter holds the wheel better in position under extreme loads. The smoother Black titan reduces stick-slip. Bump handling capacity and traction is increased. Friction is reduced by 2/3 (!) compared to the conventional system, lowering shock temperature, keeping damping constant and improving lifetime. 

Suspensions and shock absorbers for the BMW E30

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