Exiting races for the Intrax drivers during the final Supercar Challenge weekend next week.

17, 18 en 19 October the final races of the Supercar Challenge in Assen can make or break the podium places for lots of Intrax drivers.

Super GT
Roger Grouwels/vd Zwaan/de Graaff with their Intrax equipped Viper GT3-R is only 1 point behind the Lanting/Herber driven Ferrari 458 GT2

Henk Thuis is holding strong in his Intrax equipped Radical RXC behind the GT3 Viper of Wilkens and the Ferrari GT3 of Glabeke/Jonckheere

van Bellingen/Sluys with their partly Intrax driven BMW M4 silhouette are challenged by the Porsche of van Berlo for the second place overall

Euser in his Lotus GT4 is challenged by Bogaerts/van Soelen/vd AA in their Intrax equipped BMW E90 WTC. Behind them on 3th place de Groot with his Intrax equipped BMW E46, on the 4th place vd Munckhof with his BMW Z4 and on 5th place Olij with his BMW E92 V8 also on Intrax shocks

Seat Leon Supercopa
The new English driver who hasn’t seen most of the circuits before with his intrax fitted Seat is challenging de Kimpe for the championship. Only 4 points separates them.

Sport 1
de Borst/de Kleijn are on their way to become champion in their Renault Clio with Intrax suspension, but are still strongly challenged by van Dijk in his Lotus.

Superlight 1
Henk Thuis is already champion at the Superlights 1 devision with his Radical SR8, of course on Intrax shocks

Superlight 2
Carlo Kuijer is almost there with his Praga but Rademaker still has a chance to take first place from him with his Radical SR3 on Intrax shocks like the SR3 from the man on the 3th place Koppejan.

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