Intrax Epic Triple tube

In the Epic (extreme force) line form Intrax the Triple tube is introduced. 

The ideal shock for cars with Mcpherson struts which have to cope with extreme forces like the rally cross, rally and rally raid cars.

These shocks with extreme high installation stiffness (almost no flex in the Mcpherson system) can be equipped with our unique ARC® system, Black Titan coating and an adjustable hydraulic bump stop.

Some of the characteristics are:

  • adjustable, 6 steps, hydraulic bump stop optional
  • equipped with a thermostat, ensuring a constant performance no matter the working and or surrounding temperatures.
  • ø 70mm outer tube
  • ø 57mm inner tube
  • no reservoir in engine bay
  • custom build
  • ARC® (Anti Roll Control) optional
  • Black Titan coating optional

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