All four Supercar Challenge Champions on Intrax shock absorbers

The Supercar Challenge ( ) is divided in 4 different classes. The Super GT class, the GTB class, Super Sport class and the Sport class. These classes are divided by power to weight ratios of the cars.

Of course each class will have its own champion at the end of the season.

This year all four class champions are drivers who have their car equipped with Intrax shocks.

Super GT Champion
- Roger Grouwels
- Kelvin Snoeks
- Viper GT3-R Intrax 4-weg Black Titan ARC®

GTB Champion
- Patrick Lamster
- Donald Molenaar
Porsche 977 GT3 Cup Intrax 4-weg Black Titan ARC®

Super Sport Champion
- Koen Bogaerts
- Mark van der Aa
- Pieter van Soelen
- BMW E90 WTCC Intrax 4-weg XL Black Titan ARC®

Sport Champion
- Wiebe Wijtzes
- Renault Clio III Cup Intrax 4-weg Black Titan ARC®

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