Lots of Intrax equipped cars at the 24 hours of Zolder

Intrax congratulates the 24 hours of Zolder Intrax equipped participants with their results until now. Of course it’s only qualification so good luck tomorrow and have fun.

GT Light (GT-3)
1st in class # 111 - Radical RXC – Domec
2nd in class # 96 -  BMW M43 GT4 – van der Horst Motorsport

Tourismo Pro (T-2)
1st in class # 21 - BMW M3 GTR - Comparex Racing by EMG
2nd in class # 63 - BMW E46 GTR – JR Motorsport
3rd in class # 38 - BMW M3 - Hofor Racing
6th in class # 75 - BMW 120d – Racing Service Europe

Tourism Challenger (T-3)
1st in class # 666 - Mini Challenge JCW – Motorsport Service & Engineering
2nd in class # 52 – Renault Clio – Spirit Racing

Silhouette Pro (S-2)
1st in class # 375 – BMW M4 Coupé – JR Motorsport – Prodiaxo

Sportscars (P-2)
1st in class # 11 – Radical SR3 RS – B&T Racing

Live results during the 24 hours:

Facebook 24 hours of Zolder:

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Mazda MX-5 Cup

Mazda MX-5 Cup

Mazda MX5 Cup (since 2019)Intrax was requested if it was possible to build ...
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Intrax obtained the exclusive contract with the Radical Masters and the nat...
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EPIC the Intrax purpose build off-road schockabsorber

EPIC de Intrax purpose build off-road schokdempers.

After many requests and the success made in the off-road scene in Dubai, In...
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