Our Holidays are over and a lot has happened on the different tracks. So here a small summary of the performances from drivers with Intrax equipped cars.

- Jos Jansen Rallycross Challenge Europe Valkenswaard 1st overall
- Duncan Huisman / Luc Braams European GT4 3rd overall, Chevrolet Camaro GT4
- Jelle Beelen / Marcel Nooren European GT4 can win the championship their next race,        Chevrolet Camaro GT4
- Dirk Schumann Oldtimer Gran Prix Nurburgring 2nd place Alfa Romeo Montreal
- Patrick Sintebin Autocross 1st overall
- Jos Jansen Rallycross Challenge Europe Maasmechelen 2nd overall

Supercar Challenge Gamma Racing Days

Super GT

- Roger Grouwels       Viper GT3-R                       4th race 1             4th race 2
- Henk Thuis             Radical RXC                                                3rd race 2
- Köhler / Kuijer         Solution F V8                                              7th race 2


- Sluys / Jonckheere        BMW M4 Silhouette      2nd race 1             2nd race 2
- Lamster / Molenaar       Porsche GT3 Cup          3rd race 1             1st race 2

Super sport

- Bonneel / Schouten       BMW M3 E92               1st race 1              4th race 2
- Michael Verhagen          BMW E46 GTR             2nd race 1             5th race 2
- Daan Meijer                 BMW E46 GTR             3rd race 1             10th race 2
- Bogaerts / vd AA          BMW M3 E90 WTCC       4th race 1             6th race 2
- de Groot / de Graaf       BMW 132 GTR              5th race 1             2nd race 2
- Ronald van Loon           BMW E46 M3                8th race 1
- Eric vd Munckhof           BMW Z4                     9th race 1             8th race 2
- de Borst / de Kleijn        Seat Cup Racer           11th race 1            9th race 2
- Ruud Olij                     BMW E92 M3                                        1st race 2


- Rutgers / Poland           Clio RS 2.0                  3rd race 1             5th race 2
- Rob Nieman                 Clio RS 2.0                  4th race 1             4th race 2
- Wiebe Wytzes               Clio 3                         5th race 1
- Voet / van den Broeck Peugeot RCZ                     6th race 1

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Mazda MX-5 Cup

Mazda MX-5 Cup

Mazda MX5 Cup (since 2019)Intrax was requested if it was possible to build ...
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Intrax obtained the exclusive contract with the Radical Masters and the nat...
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EPIC the Intrax purpose build off-road schockabsorber

EPIC de Intrax purpose build off-road schokdempers.

After many requests and the success made in the off-road scene in Dubai, In...
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