Successful Intrax weekend during DTM at Zandvoort

The Intrax equipped cars have themselves heard by their performance. The drivers, despite their success seconds (when you finish 1st, 2nd of 3rd you get an extra stop penalty the next race of respectively 15, 10 5 seconds during your pit stop) achieved some great results. 1 first place, 4 second places and 2 third places.

Especially the performance of Roger Grouwels and Kelvin Snoeks in their Viper GT3-R was outstanding. Due to their cumulative success seconds they had a gab of 55 seconds with the number one car after the pit stop. Due to great driving they fought their way back to a gab of only 5 seconds. The car was strong till the end of the one hour race but they missed 2 to 3 laps to secure the win.

Also a special congratulations to Nol Kohler and Carlo Kuijer with their first podium of the season. We are sure we see them more often.

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